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Días de colegio

Courses for children

Learn spanish in a fun way! 


At Ole Academy we love teaching children. Within bilingual families living in the Netherlands, it is great to keep your child connected to their roots. My aim is that the children feel happy and enthusiastic about speaking Spanish, associate learning a language with something positive, increase their vocabulary, be able to communicate in a simple way and also learn to write and read in Spanish. 

In the classes we use our own and other teachers' didactic material, games, handicrafts and music, so that the children will learn Spanish in a fun and playful way. The duration of the classes is 1 hour. The average group size is 6 children. In this way, we can give enough personal attention to everyone. The complete course will take place throughout the school year in blocks of 8 lessons. The price for each block is 115 euros per child.

Do you still have questions? Don't hesitate to write to me, I will be happy to help you.

Group classes for children

Image by Laura Rivera

Private lessons for children

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