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Courses for children

Learn Spanish in a fun way! 


At Ole Academy, we are passionate about teaching children. We offer classes to both Dutch children interested in learning Spanish and those from bilingual families residing in the Netherlands.

We adapt our approach according to the needs of each group. For children from bilingual families, these classes represent an opportunity to keep them connected with their roots. On the other hand, for Dutch children , they provide an excellent opportunity to learn a new language.

My goal in both situations is for the children to feel happy and excited when speaking Spanish, associating the learning of this language with positive experiences. We aim to expand their vocabulary, encourage simple communication, and facilitate their learning of reading and writing in Spanish.

In our classes, we use our own teaching materials as well as those from other professionals, along with games, crafts, and music, to ensure a fun and stimulating learning environment. Each session lasts for 1 hour, and the average group size is 6 children, allowing us to provide personalized attention to each one. The complete course takes place throughout the school year in blocks of 8 lessons, with a price of 115 euros per child per block.

Additionally, we also offer private lessons.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to get in touch with me; I'll be happy to assist you.

Image by Laura Rivera

Private lessons for children

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