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Private Customized Spanish lessons

is exactly what you are looking for!

Private Customized Spanish lessons


Discover the perfect solution for your trip in Spanish at Ole! Spanish Academy.

Our personalised private Spanish lessons are designed to help you reach the level of proficiency you desire. You decide where, at our academy or online. To ensure effective learning, we utilize a combination of self-developed materials and a the textbook (The book is not included in the course price) and we also use a variety of resources such as music, movies, games, and, most importantly, a healthy dose of humor. This interactive approach makes our lessons both enjoyable and effective.  We will provide homework assignments that fit your desired level of commitment. Recognizing that language acquisition takes time, we offer discounted packages to support your learning journey. You can find detailed pricing information below.

Unsure about your current language level? We are here to help. Fill out our test and receive personalized advice.

Booking your private lessons is quick and convenient through our online platform. In your private online environment, you can not only schedule your lessons but also reschedule them up to 24 hours in advance. Additionally, you can easily track the number of lessons remaining in your package.
Would you like to do a trial lesson of 1 hour? 



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Embark on your Spanish language adventure with Ole! Spanish Academy!​

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